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At-home testing kits with 99% accuracy

Sometimes it is a necessity, sometimes it is a curiosity, but it is never a waste of your efforts – to better understand your loved animal's genes. Pets cannot tell you a lot about themselves, but now you can learn more with DNA tests finally available for animals! 

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Pet nutrition & genetic testing

Every dog is almost the same at a genetic level, but the minute differences between them are what matter most. These genes span a wide range and can include things such as responses to food allergens, the body’s capability to process certain macronutrients or the functioning power of gut cells. These fields may also examine diet and its effects on disease prevalence, or vice versa, as many diseases are closely linked to diet such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

The key to optimal pet health

Examining an animal’s genome, may allow veterinarians and healthcare professionals to make personalized recommendations. These recommendations can improve an animal’s quality of life, mitigate the symptoms of a disease or other medical condition, and even prolong an animal’s lifespan if followed properly. 

Why pawMD?

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  • Tests accuracy is up to 99%

  • Easy and painless cheek swab kit

  • Testing brought from human labs to animals 

  • Innovative genetic-sequencing technologies

  • Qualified veterinary professionals

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