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Free At-Home COVID-19 Tests,

Covered By Your Insurance

You and every member of your family enrolled in health insurance is eligible for eight free rapid at-home COVID-19 tests every month. That goes for whatever insurance you have—whether it’s through Medicare, the Affordable Care Act marketplace, Medicaid, or your employer—because rapid-test reimbursement is still required by the federal government.

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Request Your Test

Fill in our secure and private form using the link below. Register you and your family members by providing basic information such as name, contact information and address. Contact us if you have any questions or comments at


What is Rapid Covid-19 test?

A Rapid Test is a simple way to detect COVID-19. Using a nasal swab to get a fluid sample, this test can produce results in minutes. A positive antigen test result means a person currently has Covid-19. The result is considered accurate when instructions are carefully followed. Our COVID-19 at-home collection kits are available to individuals age 2 and older.

Who is eligible for insurance coverage?

An individual should meet one or more of the clinical guidelines for COVID-19 testing:

  • Experiencing mild symptoms

  • Exposed to someone with COVID-19

  • Live or work in a congregate setting

  • Asked to get tested by a healthcare professional, contact investigator, or public health department.

Why do you need my insurance details?

Your insurance provider is required to provide you with these tests. Please make sure that the details provided match exactly what’s on the Insurance plan or card.


When will I get my tests?

We will ship your free tests once your insurance company approves for reimbursement.

What are the next steps?

1. Complete the registration.

2. We'll get the confirmation from your insurance and ship you the test.

You will receive emails regarding your order status.

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